Career Coaching

NANCY CUPP – Senior Career Coaching & Advisor

As a highly qualified professional with experience in people development and coaching, Nancy’s ability to motivate and develop, as well as her proven track record for improving a vast array of careers, makes her the best choice for success in accomplishing your personal career goals.

With years of experience in human resources and related areas, Nancy understands the value of quality employees and knows their importance in the organization’s overall success. Her vast array of Human Resource Generalist experience has helped her build a reputation for developing positive employee relations and building a stronger foundation from those relationships. The organization that differentiates itself through effectively knowing and managing its people is the best equipped to succeed in today’s competitive business environment.

Nancy’s excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work collaboratively in a team environment demonstrate her ability to support and partner with all business unit leaders, managers, supervisors, and employees to implement the business strategy. Knowing and understanding the importance of a strategic focus provides her with the ability to align the needs of the business with human capital, and ultimately impacting and influencing change effectively at all levels of the business unit.

With these qualifications, you will find Nancy a confident and inspired career coaching and advisor willing to assist individuals and organizations by sharing experiences and knowledge combined with enthusiasm that will provide you with the right direction.