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Glad we invested in our son’s future

My husband and I are very glad we invested in our son’s future by working with Fred Johnson through his consultative services. Our son is a tenth grader in a public high school; a season in life that beckons him to start making plans for “what’s next”. From determining his high school classes and PSEO options for next year, to thinking about volunteer and work opportunities, it can feel a little overwhelming to make the best choices starting now. While it’s likely normal for a teenager to feel a bit like a raft out at sea, that doesn’t make it comforting to experience.

As parents, we want to be able to offer him as much insight as possible about HIS unique traits and strengths, without nagging or lecturing. By working with Fred, we had that expert third party authority to turn to for advice and direction. After taking the MBTI and Strong Interest assessments, our son spoke with Fred at length about the findings (we were able to join the conference call) and was made to feel welcome to ask any specific questions as well.

My husband and I have had several aha moments since then, as we have reviewed the summary, and found it to be very encouraging as we seek to guide our son into the next decisions along his path. Money well spent in providing great conversation starters and peace of mind.

Thanks, Fred!

St Cloud, MN